PION PARTO Biomedical Engineering company with highly trained technical team and more than 20 years experiences in import, sales, spare parts backup, and after sales services of various kinds of high technology medical imaging system, with the aim of offering highest level quality in sales and after sales support, has established in 1996 .
This team, is the first one who has installed  MRI system in Iran independently, without any assistance, and is the first team who has designed & construct RF shielding room forMRI.
Nowadays, our company is the exclusive distributor of the following companies :
Hitachi, Ltd. is committed to delivering advanced solutions, including diagnostic imaging equipment that meets the needs of physicians and patients.
Honda Electronics is a specialist in ultrasound technologies and has applied these technologies to products in various areas. The company conducts research and development and has a total development system from material to product.
Ultrasonix Medical Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems .
EcoRay Co.,Ltd, formerly Econet Medical Co.,Ltd., have been acting as one of the suppliers in OEM design and manufacturing of high frequency x-ray generators , x-ray equipments and shockwave modalities.