AOS-100E EggQus

Egg QusAOS 100E 2

 Bones, which are the base of healthy life, have been drawing attention around the world today. As a pioneer and leader of diagnostic ultrasound systems, we have developed a bone densitometry system with a new approach. It is created through the concept of an “eggshell,” a shape bone in nature. Simply beautiful. Stronger, more lightweight, easier to handle. All of these for maximum portability. Hitachi's “EggQus” is the “Egg of Columbus” of quantitative ultrasound systems.

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 Use environments for bone densitometry systems are diverse. AOS-100SA is a system reliable in each environment, from daily examinations to screenings, from the elderly to children, regardless of environment temperature.

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dcs600exvDCS-600EXV is DXA based system which measures forearm (radius) BMD. The bone in the forearm (radius) has minimum aging deformation, and is therefore suitable for elderly BMD diagnosis. Diaphysis (filled with cortical bone) and Distal Radius (filled with spongy bone) can be scanned in one scan.

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