About this software

The Calcium Scoring software calculates the area of the CT value corresponding to the calcification area and so on in the coronary arteries from non-contrast-enhanced CT images.


Increase and prevention of heart diseases


Lung Analisys 39The mortal rate due to heart diseases occupies a very high percentage worldwide. Heart diseases are caused mainly by contraction due to arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries which provide oxygen and nutrition to the heart, resulting in a worsened blood flow. They are considered to be most likely caused by one’s lifestyle such as diet and exercise, and therefore, they can be prevented by improving the lifestyle.


Cardiac CT examination and calcium score


Lung Analisys 40When there is severe calcification in the coronary artery, contrast-enhanced cardiac CT may be hard to evaluate the intravascular lumen. By performing cardiac CT without contrast-enhancement and calculating the calcium score, an appropriate examination can be selected depending on the condition of the patient. With Calcium Scoring, calcification of the coronary artery area can be followed up over time as well as the fluctuation in the score can be observed.