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About this software

The CT colonoscopy is used to create a virtual endoscopic and panoramic image of the colon region from abdominal CT images.

Colon cancer checkup

APP Scenaria 13The WHO statistics database indicates that the male lung cancer and female breast cancer are followed by the colon cancer that makes up also a large share in the mortality. In the recent colon cancer checkup, a method has been developed to display virtual endoscopic images of the colon from images acquired with the CT system attracting attention as an examination with fewer burdens on the patient.

Usefulness of CT Colonoscopy

Traditional examination
(Endoscopy / contrast barium enema)

  • Some patients are physically intolerant of a long examination
  • Difficult to observe stenosis and regions deeper than the stenosis

 APP Scenaria 14

CT Colonoscopy

  • Allows a shorter exam time and observation of the large intestine as a whole from different angles
  • Low invasive examination without inserting any equipment and barium into tha colon.

 APP Scenaria 15

APP Scenaria 16


The CT colonoscopy is used to create a virtual endoscopic and p anoramic image of the colon region from abdominal CT images.

Display of analysis images with 2 clicks

APP Scenaria 17Extraction of the colon area, calculation of the route, and displaying of analysis images can be achieved with 2 clicks. A virtual endoscopic image/3D-MPR image/Panoramic image can be displayed to easily obtain images that serve the purpose.



Support of the shape analysis filter

APP Scenaria 18Shape Analysis Filter is a function to display projections other than folds on the panoramic image in color. This supports an efficient screening checkup by using it together with the panoramic image that allows you to observe the whole wall of the colon.



Bookmark function simplifies making examination reports and storing images.

APP Scenaria 19The bookmark function allows registering any concerning areas during observation and records the coordinates of the position, results of distance measurement and so on, which can be recalled later. In addition, the examination report making function allows you to select bookmarked images and make a report easily. Images can be stored in the color DICOM format and BMP format as well.

Clinical Images

CT Colonoscopy supports interpretation for the inside wall of the colon by means of various display modes and shape analysis filters.

Clinical Images

 APP Scenaria 20

3 types of image are created from abdominal CT images.

Virtual endoscopic image (3D image similar to endoscopic display)
The shape of the inside wall of the colon can be observed. 

3D-MPR image (Fusion image of 3D and MPR)
Any cross-section of the object can be observed. 

 Panoramic image (Virtually developed colon image)

 Whole wall of the colon can be panoramically observed.

Operating environment

○Applicable system
  Whole-body X-ray CT system SCENARIA and Hyper Q-Net S
  Whole-body X-ray CT system Supria and Hyper Q-Net R

○Report printing
  Internet Explorer (IE)
  Refer to the product specification for the IE version.
  Unable to print on the CT console.