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About this software

Lung Analysis software supports reading by displaying images for comparison and analyzing the nodule area.

Lung cancer checkup

Lung Analisys 1According to WHO statistics, the ratio of lung cancer is increasing in the mortality rate of malignant neoplasm all over the world. Regardless of sex, there is a growing concern about the increase of lung cancer. Therefore, CT checkup for lung cancer aiming at the reduction of mortality rate is drawing attention.

Support the reading of lung cancer checkup

Lung Analisys 2By conducting a comparison reading for a follow-up using previous CT images of the same patient, it can be expected to detect lung cancer in its early stages. However, reading of a large amount of images is a burden for the reading doctors. Lung Analysis supports the reading of CT checkups by means of a comparison viewer and the extracting function of nodule area.



Lung Analysis software supports reading by displaying images for comparison and analyzing the nodule area.

Comparison display mode

Lung Analisys 4In the comparison display mode, the previous and current images, or lung window and mediastinal window can be displayed side by side. The automatic positioning function allows easy and simple observations.

Automatic extraction of the nodule area

Lung Analisys 5Clicking the image allows to extract the nodule areas automatically. Since the volume and diameter of the nodule area can be calculated simultaneously, a quantitative analysis is feasible. If the previous nodule data is available, they can also be compared.

Analysis data and images can be stored easily

Lung Analisys 6Nodule information can be imported/exported. This allows stopping the process during the middle of the analysis and importing the previously analyzed data for comparison. Analysis images can be stored in DICOM and/or BMP format.


Clinical Images

Lung Analysis supports reading with the functions to display lung CT images for comparison and to extract and analyze the nodule area.

Clinical Images

Lung Analisys 7

Analysis results

Single display mode/Comparison display mode

  • MPR:Average/MIP/MinIP
  • 3D:Volume/Surface/MIP/MinIP/RaySum

Nodule analysis

  • Volume (mm³)
  • Average CT value (HU)
  • Area (mm²)
  • Minimum diameter (mm)
  • Sphericity
  • Volume doubling time (days)
  • Maximum diameter (mm)

Operating environment

○Applicable systems
  Whole-body X-ray CT system SCENARIA and Hyper Q-Net S
  Whole-body X-ray CT system Supria and Hyper Q-Net R