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About this software

Perfusion Analysis is the dedicated software which analyzes cerebral blood flow from contrast-enhanced cerebral CT images.

Prompt cerebral stroke examination in a case of emergency

Lung Analisys 8A perfusion image allows grasping blood-flow abnormalities such as brain infarction, stenosis and occlusion of the main artery in their early stages compared to a plain CT image. Particularly, the perfusion study is expected to make the diagnosis of lesions caused by acute brain infarction promptly.
In addition, an effective postoperative follow-up can be expected.





Easy cerebral blood flow analysis using CT

Lung Analisys 9Examinations are made by carrying out dynamic scans of specified head sections while applying a bolus injection of an iodized contrast medium. By analyzing the time-density curve of the scanned images, information on the dynamic cerebral blood flow such as Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF), Cerebral Blood Volume (CBV) and Mean Transit Time (MTT) can be acquired.





Perfusion Analysis is the dedicated software which analyzes cerebral blood flow from contrast-enhanced cerebral CT images.

Exposure dose reduction with the Adaptive Filter

Lung Analisys 10The perfusion examination with conventional CT was made with a high radiation dose by continuous dynamic scanning. With the improvement of analysis algorisms and the development of the nonlinear noise reduction filter (Adaptive Filter), the CT perfusion scan has enabled a 50-100mA, 1-sec intermittent dynamic scan.


The Auto ROI function calculates the left/right differential easily.

Lung Analisys 11Only by setting the central axis on a cerebral CT image, this function automatically sets the ROIs and enables calculation of the average values of the left/right ROI and the left/right differential. The shape (round or rectangular), number and size of ROIs are also selectable.


Making and outputting a report

Lung Analisys 12The reporting function of Perfusion Analysis allows arranging functional images and the results of ROI settings in a short time using automatic input of analysis items and pre-registered doctor’s comments by a simple operation. It is possible also to output the analytical images with the DICOM format and BMP format in color.


Clinical Images

Perfusion Analysis creates functional images related to dynamic cerebral blood flow from contrast-enhanced brain CT images.

Clinical Images

Lung Analisys 13

Perfusion Analysis creates the following functional images from contrast-enhanced brain CT image.

  • Regional Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF)
  • The flow per minute per brain tissue unit weight (100g)[mL/100g/minute]
  • Regional Cerebral Blood Volume (CBV)
  • Blood vessel volume per brain
  • Tissue unit weight (100g) [mL/100g]
  • Regional Mean Transit Time (MTT)
  • Time required for a circulation in the brain tissue [sec]


Operating environment

○Applicable equipment 
  Whole-body X-ray CT system SCENARIA and Hyper Q-Net S
  Whole-body X-ray CT system Supria and Hyper Q-Net R

○Report printing
  Internet Explorer (IE)
  Refer to the product specification for the IE version.
  Unable to print on the CT console.