Expertly designed to optimize productivity

ARIETTA 65 has been designed to perform quick and precise diagnosis in general imaging without compromising on productivity and workflow.

This ultrasound platform combines productivity, enhanced tools and technology to provide

  • Smooth workflow and productivity
  • Superb imaging and accurate diagnosis
  • Simple to use applications and streamlined practice

This ultrasound platform excels through ergonomic design, reducing examiner fatigue and facilitating examinations in a variety of clinical settings.

ARIETTA 65 further offers:

  • 21.5’’ LCD widescreen monitor, optimal for quick and detailed observation
  • Touch panel, positioned at an easy-to-operate angle
  • Operator console designed for ease of use

Protocol Assistant, features that allow to custom previously registered protocols and automatically prepare the next step in the exam, prompt you through the exam by reducing keystrokes and preventing duplications or omissions





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