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Evolution  Function + Design

Everywhere in the advanced dental clinics show kind consideration for the agreeable atmosphere for patient. For example, gentle appearance and interior design of the clinic, cure space with full protection of privacy, creation of relaxing atmosphere by aromatherapy, … 
The same consideration is also requested to X-ray unit which is essential for dental diagnostic.
Cypher E is a solution of the new generation digital panoramic X-ray unit attaching the importance to the provision of agreeable atmosphere for both patient and clinic.


Cypher E1

Cypher E has the basic performances to provide clear image and excellent operability as well as “the function gentle to human and environment”. For example, when you align the positioning beams to a patient, Cypher E moves to the position automatically with the beams. Cypher E is capable of smooth exposure without compelling a patient to take unnatural posture. After exposure, X-ray image of the patient is displayed on a PC monitor at the side of the chair in real time. Further, the versatile image processing function of the software provides the diagnosis information necessary for dental care, supports the clinic to provide advanced dental care and correct orientation of treatment, and supports the clinic to enhance the quality of informed consent.


The first the eye-catching of a patient who enters to the X-ray room is X-ray unit.
Dressed in pearly white appearance, Cypher E creates luxury, fashionable and clean atmosphere for patient. Also its round form realizes to give mild impression.
Gentleness and comfortableness are expressed in the design of Cypher E.

Full Digital

From Gentleness to Comfortableness

Automatic positioning with laser beam
Cypher E moves automatically interlocking with 3 bright laser beams for positioning median, eye-ear plane and anterior teeth.
This enables smooth work from positioning to exposure and reduces the load of operator and patient.

Digitization brings with it a number of advantages Cypher E2
●Easy conditional setting for exposure
●Reduction of X-ray dosage
●IT system for dental clinic
●Enhancement of quality of informed consent
●environmental awareness

Cypher E3

Panoramic exposure: 10 second


Cypher E4Realized speedy operation
Integrated operation panel and illustrated easy-to-know buttons are adopted.

Cypher E5Swing type mirror for easy positioning
Both the patient and the operator can see the positioning state. This enables correct and quick positioning.


Panoramic imaging in the Tomosynthesis mode enables data acquisition with an image layer thickness of 30 mm, and the ability to clearly image the anterior teeth, which is often difficult due to poor positioning.

*The data acquisition area of a panoramic image differs for children and Orthoradial Projection applications.
*This function is available only in NEO PREMIUM.

Cypher E6

■From the image data acquired in this 30 mm region, the optimum Tomographic position of the anterior teeth can be automatically displayed.

■Tomosynthesis mode can be adjusted for anterior teeth and right/left posterior teeth regions respectively, enabling image acquisition corresponding to each patient’s dentition.

*Note that the orbit cannot be corrected after image saving.

■From 31 layers of image data spaced at 1 mm intervals, an optimum image with the finest quality can be displayed.

Exposure mode



Cypher E 2

Panoramic image (adult)  Cypher E 3





Panoramic image (child)   Cypher E 4




TMJ 4 section views (lateral view)  Cypher E 5




Cypher E 7









Cypher E 8