DCS-600EXV is DXA based system which measures forearm (radius) BMD. The bone in the forearm (radius) has minimum aging deformation, and is therefore suitable for elderly BMD diagnosis. Diaphysis (filled with cortical bone) and Distal Radius (filled with spongy bone) can be scanned in one scan.


Voice of our customers made DCS-600EXV a new.

Outstanding accuracy and high speedd1

Not only does this system offer less stress for examinees, but it also minimizes variation of measurement results which are caused by body movements. The measurement takes only 15 seconds.




 Automatic measurement

Manual procedures such as forearm length measuring and ROI setting are  nowautomated. The whole operation from measurement, analysis to result printout can be performed smoothly.





Outstanding precision

Distal radius 1/3 part, 1/6 part, 1/10 part are automatically detected. High accuracy in repeating measurements (reproducibility) ensures stable measurement regardless of the operator.


Great deal of trust on its small body

High-resolution, high-speed scanningd4

Introduction of Fan Beam X-ray and Line-Sensor has brought significant advance in scan speed and X-ray data size for each scan. Multi-channel Line-sensor is adopted to obtain the high-resolution pictures.


Monochromatic X-ray for excellent accuracy


Tube voltage switching method is adopted. By switching the tube voltage of the X-ray tube, X-ray with two different colors is obtained. Since the attenuation rate of each X-ray energy is separated by time, each energy is free from interference. This will enhance the separation of bone and other tissue.



d6Compact design

Dimensions: 40 (W) x 52 (D) x 94 (H) cmWe have pursued compact and light-weight system design, which gives maximum  flexibility to the possible installing place.

Weight: Approx. 60kg



Making Osteoporosis familiar to you

Excellent Analysis Software


High-resolution image of the Line-sensor allows accurate  auto-recognition of Ulnar styloid process to be used as the reference analysis point. High accuracy of the reference analysis point and forearm length acquired by the automated measurement function has given great advance to the reproducibility of the ROI.





Report for clear understanding

Distinct messages are displayed and printed to fit each examinee's 

measurement result. Message editor also enables editing and creating original comments for your facility. This is an excellent tool for enhancing better understanding of your examinees as well as supporting communication between doctors and examinees.



Profound know-how


Outstanding operability and functionality of our DCS-600 series has been inherited to this system.

Some examples are:

- Quick search of past data
- Reservation of future patient data
- Support function for statistical processing of analysis result
- Supports DICOM (optional)



There is a reason to this system design

d11d10We deeply care about perfect positioning

Front opening of the system is slightly angled to allow the entry of patient's forearm in the most comfortable posture.Top cover is designed with curves and cut-down shapes for safety and visual friendliness. Free space beneath the scanner helps keeping the patient's legs comfortable.




Our care for system design can be seen in the grip as welld13

This grip plays a significant part in positioning the patient's forearm. The grip itself is also angled, allowing the patients to maintain a firm grip during measurement with minimum stress.