This is a general radiography system combined with a high performance 80kW inverter type high voltage generator for Radnext80 and 50kW for Radnext50.
To cope with diversified needs for general radiography, a variety of product lineup are available from a high performance ceiling-mounted rail type tube support to a simple and easy-to use floor-mounted rail type tube support.

High performance 50kw/80kw inverter type X-ray high voltage generator

  • Easy-to-see large color LCD touch panel.
  • Setting of 960 kinds of anatomical program
  • Plural radiographic parameters per examinee can be registered as a sequence program, and can be called up with one-touch.
  • Automatic exposure detector (optional)

HI-AUTO or an ion chamber can be combined.

radnext 1 radnext 2

Smart set

This is a system combined with an easy-to-use ceiling-mounted rail type tube support. The conventional works in general radiography will become smoother.

Light operabilityradnext 3

Improve your imaging workflow by using the new outer frame handle together with the newly-developed one-hand grip controller.


System interlocking

The PBS (Program Braking System) function (optional) and automatic tracking function (optional) improve workflow.


Smart setPopular set (optional)

Respecting the cost vs. performance, light movement has been realized.

Easy-to-use ceiling-suspended tube support can be used in routine works

Light operabilityradnext 4

XY-free switch enables easy movement.

Safe lock function

All axes have adopted locks which become OFF when the power is turned on.


Compact set (optional)

By combination with an easy-to-use floor-mounted type radiographic system, highly effective radiography is realized

Design for compactness and light weightradnext 5

Other than floor-wall-mounted rail type, various types such as ceiling-floor mounted rail type and wall-floor mounted rail type are available for corresponding with each X-ray room optionally.

 Easy positioning


Universal set (optional)

A single unit can be used for both upright position and recumbent position.

radnext 6

radnext 7

Electro-magnetic locking mechanism which allows easy positioning

Chest radiography with 2m SID is possible.




Radnext80/50 with DXR-3000F

Radnext80 50 with DXR 3000F