Echelon Smart

The enlightened choice for high-field MRI

ECHELON Smart is Fujifilm’s smart MRI concept which combines ‘Smart Quality’ for superb clinical images and sophisticated applications, ‘Smart Speed’ for reduced examination time, ‘Smart Comfort’ for an extraordinary quiet patient experience, ‘Smart Eco’ for low running costs and ‘Smart Space’ to offer the smallest possible installation footprint.



Superb Image Quality Realized by Sophisticated Technologies

The advanced specification of MRI sub-systems makes the most important impact on the delivery of image

quality without compromise. ECHELON Smart is equipped with powerful sub-systems which includes the

SmartENGINE which supports high quality imaging and high performance RF system to empower robust

imaging technologies.



Reduction of Total Examination Time

To boost your productivity, ECHELON Smart offers features that streamline workflow and enhance

throughput, such as AutoPose and Parameter Guidance function for easy and fast operation. Fast scan

capabilities and robust scan techniques to reduce re-scanning contribute to shorter scan times, and onconsole

analysis functions reduce the transfer time of data to the workstation. With the SmartSPEED

feature, your operational efficiency is improved.



Patient-friendly Quiet Examination

E1Technologies to reduce acoustic noise are one of the big challenges for the MRI market in a bid to create a patient-friendly imaging invironment. Hitachi’s SmartCOMFORT reduce up to 94% of the sound pressure.

It can be applied for a wide variety of image contrast sequences without prolonging scan times significantly or without limitation of applicable coils.


 Smart ECO

Ecological with Economical Running Costs


SmarECo provide ecological and economical features that minimize your daily running costs of the MRI system and its peripherals.

Features: - Zero Boil off

  • Ecological power capacity
  • Eco-mode to reduce energy consumption



Smart footprint and flexible layout


SmartSPACE encompasses the small foorprint and flexible site layout by extending the cable length between MRI gantry and electrical units in the machine room. This feature could facilitate the MRI system installation in your facility.





Echelon Smart

echelon smart