Good Things Come In Small Packages

It has been 40 years since Hitachi developed the first CT system for head as a Japanese manufacturer. We continue to think of what would be required for the next CT system and offer the solutions


Value with Powerful CT Capabilities

Many functions are required at a high level under the recent healthcare environment. Diagnosability, high throughput, high operability, care for patients, installation property to utilize the existing facility, high profitability which supports hospital operation… We aim for the CT system which provides you with all the solutions without any compromise. Great potential with compact body - Supria 64 for you


High Performance



MPR as a routine examination 
High Speed Sub-millimeter Scan

sup 64

Supria 64ch realizes the high-speed whole-body scan with sub-millimeter slice, which is difficult to achieve by 16slice CT system. With one breath-holding (about 14sec.), high-resolution image in the range of 1,100mm or more* can be obtained. Therefore, it realizes MPR image with wide range and high resolution as a routine examination.

*Maximum scannable range varies depending on the scan conditions


Chest at 4.5sec. Abdominal area at 7.5sec.
High Speed Scan with the Care for Patient

sup 64 2

Supria 64ch achieves the high-speed scan with the pitch of 1.58 due to its 40mm width detector     and Hitachi's unique reconstruction algorithm - CORE method. Therefore, it enables to scan chest of 320mm at 4.5sec ,  abdominal area of 570mm at 7.5 sec. Burden on the patients who have difficulty to keep the position or hold a breath for a long-time is decreased.



Dose Management

lower dose

Iterative processing for noise reduction
Intelli IPsup 64 3

Advanced noise reduction function is incorporated, which is expected to reduce noise and improve the image quality by the technique based on the "iterative reconstruction technology". It realizes the bare minimum of radiation dose and the high image quality with less artifacts at the same time. There are 7 levels of intensity to meet the dose reduction level in line with the operation policy of each hospital.



Measure for preventing the re-scan

500mm Full FOV data Acquisitionsup 64 4

Regardless of the FOV which is set before scan, Supria 64 acquires full FOV data (500mm) and retains it constantly. Even in case the patient body is away from the FOV, for example a patient with hunched position, the lost portion can be recovered not by re-scan but only re-calculation if the portion is within the maximum FOV.


Motion Correctionsup 64 5

It is possible to reduce the motion artifact for the patient who has difficulty to keep a position without re-scan.


Visualization of information and sharing
Dose Informationsup 64 6

The importance of managing the patient’s dose information has been increasing over the past years. It is mandatory to have the function which transfers the dose information to PACS system. Simple Dose Report can save the data as the secondary capture and send to PACS. Also, DICOM Dose SR sends the dose information to PACS as a structured report.






More Simplicity



Simple Sitingsup 64 7

Hitachi focuses on the efficiency of the installation environment of CT system. Supria 64 is a 64ch CT system, but comprised of only 3 units: gantry, patient table, and console. It allows the user to utilize the space of CT room efficiently. In case of standard size of patient table, it can be installed at the space used for a conventional single slice CT. Thanks to the compact design and the power capacity of 75kVA, it reduces the burden of room renovation or electric works.

  * In case the power condition is 200V






Easy & Quicksup 64 8

Operator-friendly GUI realizes the latest design CT system with the intuitive operability. Quick-Entry mode enables simple operation for all users with fewer buttons and larger icons.