The next level in usability

Expertly designed to optimize productivity

ARIETTA 50 is the compact entry model of the ARIETTA series, inviting easy operation from beginners through experts, taking you to the ‘next level’.

This ultrasound platform combines 

  • Carefree Workflow,
  • Clear Imaging
  • Clean Applications

The intuitive workflow of the ultrasound platform allows the operator to focus more on the patient than on the actual operation;

  • reducing fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders of the examiner,
  • facilitating examination in various clinical settings by adjusting the platform,

ARIETTA 50 benefits from:

  • High contrast 21.5” widescreen LCD monitor to display images with high sensitivity and resolution 
  • 10.1” touch screen panel, mounted at a comfortable and convenient angle
  • Customizable screen layout, selectable by clinical application to allow intuitive operation
  • Simplified operating console to speed up your daily routine for a more pleasant operating experience

User-friendly interface from the home screen, allowing to intuitively input the patient ID, select the examination area and retrieve previously saved image settings