Everything you need in a single system.

Advanced technology has provided solutions to all of the challenges of a diagnostic system ─ image quality, operability, and user-friendliness. 
Clear high-precision image quality, excellent operability and operational ease via the 5.7-inch touch panel provide powerful diagnostic capabilities.
AUGE SOLIO is a next-generation system competently executed, using unique advanced technology to respond to the extensive requirements of diagnostic imaging in dental therapy. 
This system has a wide CT image capture area and an accurate, user-friendly positioning system, which together make a sophisticated diagnostic package. 
“Made in Kyoto”. We at Asahi take great pride in our craftsmanship and traditions which have continued for more than fifty years.


A smooth-running, secure positioning system eases communication

AUGE SOLIO drastically simplifies the positioning procedure through the incorporation of new functions. 
Smoothly running position setting during the initial stages of diagnosis helps ease communication between the operator and the patient, in-turn contributing to establishment of a good relationship if further therapy is needed.

CT scan head positioning system includes a vertical adjustment

Auge 1

After positioning, the CT scan head can be vertically adjusted in a single operation. Patients need not be moved during this action, which is comfortable both for patients and operators.



Preliminary imaging for correct CT area

Auge 2

A preliminary imaging function enables position adjustment of the CT capture area forwards, backwards, right, left, up and down. This greatly assists obtaining an accurate and secure position setting. After setting, the CT mechanism automatically moves to the adjusted position, realizing image acquisition of target area. This prevents errors due to incorrect image position, and requires no further CT operation.


Versatile touch panel with flexible positioning

auge 3

The operation panel uses simple touch operation and provides a comprehensive graphic display, integrating functions of CT capture area, positioning, and beam operation.




Two-way positioning for reliable therapy & Universal design that caters for sitting positions and wheelchairs

auge 4

High-precision imaging as a powerful diagnostic tool

Not just for clear images, but high-precision images that serve as effective diagnostic aids for each individual case.
As a leader in imaging, Asahi has moved forward with AUGE SOLIO by integrating numerous advanced technologies to improve image quality in addition to the established conventional methods.


(High-precision image reconstruction)

After CT imaging, various image reconstruction operations are available that can be performed easily.
*This function is available only in NEO PREMIUM.

●Minimized metal image artifacts

Asahi’s unique MAR algorithm minimizes image artifacts due to metal implants.
An image with minimized artifacts due to the presence of metal can be obtained by combining with 360° image acquisition.

auge 5


●High-precision image reconstruction

By reducing the FOV an even higher image precision is possible as the voxel size is reduced. No rescanning is required because the reconstruction uses the existing image data.
After CT imaging, various image reconstruction operations are easily accessible.

auge 6


Sharpens the image.


Smooths the image and helps resolve fine detail.

●Scattered ray correction

Stabilizes the luminance value of dental hard tissue.

●Beam hardening correction

Minimizes image artifacts that occur between implant fixtures.

*Available functions are limited depending on the selected mode.


Panoramic imaging in the Tomosynthesis mode enables data acquisition with an image layer thickness of 30 mm, and the ability to clearly image the anterior teeth, which is often difficult due to poor positioning.

*The data acquisition area of a panoramic image differs for children and Orthoradial Projection applications.
*This function is available only in NEO PREMIUM.

auge 7

■From the image data acquired in this 30 mm region, the optimum Tomographic position of the anterior teeth can be automatically displayed.

■Tomosynthesis mode can be adjusted for anterior teeth and right/left posterior teeth regions respectively, enabling image acquisition corresponding to each patient’s dentition.

*Note that the orbit cannot be corrected after image saving.

■From 31 layers of image data spaced at 1 mm intervals, an optimum image with the finest quality can be displayed.

Improved quality of Panoramic/Cephalometric imaging

auge 8

Asahi’s unique image processing technology has attained a higher level of image quality through frequency domain processing and elimination of image noise.
Panoramic images minimize the course appearance of mandibular joints/ and posterior teeth (a typical characteristic of photographic film images), assisting the diagnosis of caries or inflammation, cephalometric images are optimum for orthodontics.


Head Support System prevents motion artifacts

auge 9

We have introduced a special head support to comfortably support and steady the patient's head. This stability has facilitated extraordinarily high-precision imaging with minimal artifacts caused by motion.




Wide-arm design solving image distortion

auge 10

Newly designed wide arm means the X-ray beam is virtually horizontal, enabling accurate imaging without distortion.






360 degrees of data acquisition for clearer images

A data acquisition method scans through 360 degrees of rotation has been incorporated, to minimize image artifacts due to the presence of metal. The full 360 degrees of image data allows image artifacts to be minimized, so contributing to sharp, high-precision CT images. 
*Note that certain patient positions dictate that 270 degrees is optimal.


auge 11



Exposure mode

3D imaging

auge 13





auge 32


auge 15 auge 16
CT(D-mode) CT(I-mode)

auge 17

auge 18

NEOSMART : Minimized metal image artifacs

auge 19

auge 20

NEOSMART : Minimized metal image artifacs

2D imaging

 auge 21
Panoramic (Normal) 12sec

auge 23 auge 22
Lateral TMJ 3sec (×4times) Panoramic (High speed) 9sec
auge 25 auge 24
PA TMJ 3ec (×2times) Maxillary Sinus 8sec


auge 26

Cephalometric (Latetal,Normal) 4sec

auge 29 auge 28 auge 27

Bones of Carpus



(Latetal,Short time)


Cephalometric (PA)




 auge 31




auge solio 600w 2