The lumber spine, femur, forearm, and then measured by X-ray. The design of the imaging table and the scanning device is separated, it is possible to combine the imaging table general X-ray imaging apparatus and of commercially available imaging table and, you can be installed in existing X-ray room and limited space.Compact, high-spec. And overwhelming usability. ? We will deliver has continued to evolve as a bone density measuring instrument manufacturers and "technology" the crystal of "pride".



  • combination system (attachment system)
    X-ray imaging apparatusof and commercially available imaging tableYou can use a combination of the.Also installed to the existing X-ray examination room and limited space is available.

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  • corresponds to the measurement of the lumbar spine, femur, forearm, which is important in bone density measurement.

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  • short time measurements reduce the burden on the subject
    lumbar measurement: about 40 seconds※femur measurement: to achieve a measure short time of about 20 seconds, it is possible to reduce the burden on the subject.

※ When the lumbar spine measurement: using the standard mode

  • positioning prepared guidelines system
    to match the center of the body axis to facilitate the positioning of the measurement at the measurement center line of the guidelines and the upper side of the cover of the positioning.When aligned with the center of the body width, and reduces the burden on the subject.

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  • high-image processing and high-quality technology
    compact by adopting a high-power X-ray generator and a multi-channel detector, we elaborate a variety of ideas for high-definition image visualization.BM automatic correction accuracy for each measurement by the stabilizer (bone mineral content stability mechanism).It has enabled the precision management of a higher dimension.

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  • one-pass scan function
    Hitachi Aloka Medical employs a unique wide-angle fan-beam method.Reduce the distortion of the beam, to provide reliable bone density measurements.

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