Outstanding reliability and performance; the all-in-one system of the AOS-100 series.Use environments for bone densitometry systems are diverse. AOS-100SA is a system reliable in each environment, from daily examinations to screenings, from the elderly to children, regardless of environment temperature.

Keys for Ease of Use

AOS 100SA 1

Touch panel LCD can be

operated from any direction

The rotating monitor display viewable from all 4 directions enables a wider variety of room arrangement.


Open design for setting your examinee's foot


The open design is a friendly feature for examinees, especially the elderly. Setting the ankle in the correct position, applying and wiping off ultrasound gel, and daily cleaning have become simpler tasks.


Measuring takes only 2 seconds

Excellent for reducing burden of the elderly and for group examinations where quick examinations are essential.

"All in one"


Color LCD panel, a printer to print our exam results on the spot, and a large data memory of up to approximately 63000 subjects are all put together in this one system.



Our ultrasound technology supporting reliability

Position for measurement is adjustable according to foot size44

By attaching/detaching the foot board adapters with simple operation, patients can choose from 3 different heel positions to transmit the ultrasound waves through correct position of the heel bone.


Transducer unit gently holds the heel from left and right55

Transducer unit closes with appropriate pressure to make close contact with the heel, enabling the waveform to become stable and transmit without loss.


Examinee's heel width is accurately measured66

Laser displacement meter is used for the measurement of heel width to provide high accuracy in SOS (Speed of Sound) measurement.

Temperature is monitored during measurement

Any variation of ultrasonic characteristics caused by the temperature change is being monitored and adjusted.

Changes in speed of sound and waveforms are measured

Two types of indices, SOS & TI (Transmission Index), are measured for evaluation of the bone condition. The synthetic parameter reflecting these two is Osteo Sono-assessment Index (OSI).


Usability is essential

Reference value for various scenes

Reference value is prepared for people over the age of 9.77

Please use the default reference value and result message when the user decides it is appropriate. These functions can be used by setting before examination. Please be sure it is the doctor who makes the final diagnosis.

Extended data management function using a PC (Optional)

Data management can be done in smoother workflow with the optional PC software. This contributes to enhancing usability such as examinee data input, color printout, trend graph display and CSV file output of the measured results.



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