Elastography 1


Elastography 2

img 21

Nothing is seen with the B-mode image…

Elastography 4

Elastography 5

Hard tissues are clearly seen with Elastography

Elastography 6

Elastography 7


Clinical Images

Elastography 8 Elastography 9
It is captured objectively that the low echo area in a mammary gland has the same hardness as that of a surrounding normal mammary gland.

It is apparently harder than surrounding tissues and fringed in red since distortion is seriously generated in the boundary.

Elastography 10 2
Elastography 11 Elastography 12
Elastography 13  

Difference of hardness from that of a normal mammary gland is observed even in the non invasive early cancer.

Not only a low echo area but also the boundary of tumor including the hollow area is observed in the E-mode.


Elastography 14


Elastography 15

Elastic coefficient: The unit of hardness. Harder as a value is larger.
(T.A.Krouskop et al,Ultrasonic Imaging,1998)

Elastography 16

Elastography 19 Elastography 18

Elastography 17

Elastography 22 Elastography 21 Elastography 20
3 2 1

1- With a simple operation only by putting the probe same as that used for normal examinations on the body surface and applying slight compression, elastic image can be obtained in real time.

2- An attachment is prepared to make easy to apply uniform compression by widening the contact area with the body surface.

3- Any probe is ready for Real-time Tissue Elastography. Also, EUP-L53L provides ultra wide filed-of-view over 90mm.