Tissue 1

Put the mouse cursor on the following picture to check motion images.

movie movie 02

Normal Image

DTT visualizes regional movement .

thickness cannot be missed now.

The variation of myocardium

Tissue 2


 Tissue 3

Tissue 4


Tissue 5

Tissue 6

Tissue 7

A region that matches most with the periphery of tracking point (x0, y0) on the 1st frame is found from the 2nd frame.

Tissue 8 Tissue 9

clinical Images

B-mode images are developed frame by frame to track the target point.

Normal case %WT

2d tissue move1

Abnormal case %WT

2d tissue move2

Tissue 12


  • Without angle dependability, movement is tracked in all directions.
  • Simple measurement is made in all frames.Tissue 13
  • Depending on the arrangement of measurement points, various indicators can be calculated.
  • Length of myocardium
  • Intracardiac dimensions
  • Diameter of valve ring