Sirius 130HP

Hitachi has manufactured mobile X-ray for more than half a century and has shipped over 13,000 units worldwide. Hitachi’s only “Pantographic Arm”, is a combination of a long arm and an articulated structure, which achieves high flexibility and operability. This allows the X-ray tube to extend higher from floor, and maintains long SID.
It is easier for the operator to use and also gives a relaxed feeling to examinees.
The human mobile X-ray system, in which “easiness” and “friendliness” are incorporated as results of pursuing high function and operability for smooth examination, is Sirius 130HP.

sirius hp 1

Pantographic arm type Sirius 130HP


High output and small focal spot

Short time radiography using a 0.6mm focal spot and 250mA max. radiographic tube current is realized. 130kV max. tube voltage is applicable to a wide range of subjects.


Simple and easy operation

The display switch area located on the variable X-ray collimator has realized speedy positioning at a bedside.

Possible to set radiographic parameters also at the remote panel of collimator area.

sirius hp 2 sirius hp 3

Good running operability

The low height of the mono tank accommodating area makes forward vision better, and this provides a comfortable feeling in running made by smooth and quiet dual motor drive. Motor designed for silence and shock absorbing casters adopted for anticipated night-time running are adopted for quiet running sound.

Arm moving method

The X-ray tube supporting arm is pantograph types.