About this software

The CT colonoscopy is used to create a virtual endoscopic and panoramic image of the colon region from abdominal CT images.

Colon cancer checkup

APP Scenaria 13The WHO statistics database indicates that the male lung cancer and female breast cancer are followed by the colon cancer that makes up also a large share in the mortality. In the recent colon cancer checkup, a method has been developed to display virtual endoscopic images of the colon from images acquired with the CT system attracting attention as an examination with fewer burdens on the patient.

Usefulness of CT Colonoscopy

Traditional examination
(Endoscopy / contrast barium enema)

  • Some patients are physically intolerant of a long examination
  • Difficult to observe stenosis and regions deeper than the stenosis

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CT Colonoscopy

  • Allows a shorter exam time and observation of the large intestine as a whole from different angles
  • Low invasive examination without inserting any equipment and barium into tha colon.

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