It makes us be unique. ECORAY provides various types of generator solutions for your radiographic devices.
Since 1990, ECORAY brings steady and durable generators in your Rad. room.

 01g rad 32 40kw  01g rad 50 65kw  01g rad 80kw  01g rad 32 40kw new
32kW/40kW  50kW/65kW  80kW  32kW/40kW Capacitor bank type


1. EcoRay’s generator technology assures the best image quality in every operating condition along with reduced patient dose and extended X-ray tube lifetime.

2. Automatic exposure control prevents all possibility to have either overexpose or underexpose on the image, and any possible excessive dose as well. Also, anatomical program will be given to you for constant radiographic procedure with obtaining the best images constantly (accessing to unique program setting

3. 32kW/40kW generators with capacitor bank are constantly showing reliable performance with unstable power source.


 01g rad 80kwopconsole  01g rad lcd opconsole  01g rad touch opconsole  01g rad fnd
80kW LCD OP Console   LCD op console Touch screen  FnD OP Console 


Type : Microprocessor control & Digital display

Indication meter : kV,mA, mAs, msec, DAP value

Anatomical mode (APR)

Applicable Generator : 40/50/65/80kW

Dimensions : 430 x 330 x 100 mm

Weight : 6kg(approx.)


Caterfory / Range

32kW 40kW 50kW 65kW 80kW

Radiographic KV range

40-125kV (±3%) 40-125kV (±3%) 40-150kV (±3%) 40-150kV (±3%) 40-150kV (±3%) 40-150kV (±3%)
Power Output ratings
(at 0.1 sec)

400mA @ 80kV
300mA @ 100kV
200mA @ 125kV

500mA @ 80kV
300mA @ 125kV

630mA @ 75kV
500mA @ 100kV
300mA @ 150kV


800mA @ 62kV
630mA @ 75kV
500mA @ 100kV
300mA @ 150kV

800mA @ 81kV
630mA @ 100kV
400mA @ 150kV

1,000mA @ 80kV
800mA @ 100kV
500mA @ 150kV


Exposure Time Range

0.01 - 6 seconds (81 steps)±2%


40kHz max. 300kHz

mAs Range

0.1 ~ 400mAs 0.1 ~ 500mAs 0.1 ~ 630mAs 0.1 ~ 800mAs 0.1 ~ 1,000mAs

High Voltage Ripple (TYP)

Automatic Exposure Control
(up to 2 chambers)

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Optional (battery type / capacitor type)

Buckys (2 standards)


Anatomical Programming

288 APR (Standard) 1,290 APR

Line Voltage (phase)

220-230VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase 380VAC, 50/60Hz, Three phase

Specification is subject to change.