About this software

The riskPointer software is used to calculate the area of the LAA (Low Attenuation Area) and %LAA (the ratio of LAA to the lung field region) from CT images of the lung field.

COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and CT examination

APP Scenaria 7Pulmonary emphysema,one type of COPD, caused primarily by smoking,is an illness that involves damage to the alveoli walls. By setting the appropriate threshold value,pulmonary emphysema can be visualized as LAA on CT images.

Visibly clear image for patients

APP Scenaria 8The riskPointer uses colors to display the low attenuation area corresponding to the destruction of the alveoli walls in the lung field. When explaining examination results to the patients for “informed consent”,details can be shown visually for easy understanding compared with conventional explanations with values.