Radnext80/50 with DXR-3000F

A single console which allows a series of operations and the image processing technology that realizes high image quality are united into a new general radiography system, which facilitates provision of easy-to-diagnose images promptly.



An excellent workflow provided by an all-in-one consoleradnext 1

Imaging, X-ray control and patient information are integrated in one console.
Radnext80·Radnext50 with DXR-3000F copes with versatile situations widely and contributes to the throughput improvement of overall examinations.


Imaging workflow

radnext 2

Since patient information at the time of reception is linked with the imaging order, operations to set imaging parameters are unnecessary, and everything can be displayed instantly only by pushing a button one time. Preview images can be displayed just in 3 seconds after imaging, and transfer, printing and recording of images can be done automatically only by pushing the confirmation button.

FAiCE α - A fruit obtained from pursuing the image quality of general radiography

FAiCE α was born for general radiography, which is an improvement of FAiCE V technology for X-ray systems. Technologies for processing sensitivity, frequency, trimming and gradation automatically generate high-quality images.


FPD that fills the versatile needs

The built-in high-definition FPD with a large field-of-view and the detachable cassette type FPD can cover all body areas. More appropriate high-quality images can be obtained.


Built-in large FPD Type Bradnext 3

The imaging area is as wide as approx. 43cm x 43cm allowing to fully cover the chest and pelvic areas as well as large frame patients.

Cassette-size FPD Type C

The FPD of this type can be used for imaging with free positioning just the same as the conventional cassette such as removing it from the imaging unit and placing it on the table and so on. In addition, either portrait or landscape direction is possible when mounting it to the unit.

radnext 4  radnext 5  radnext 6 

An example usage on the floating

  imaging table 

An example usage on the upright

 Bucky stand


Lineup suitable for the examination room

Smart set

Improve your imaging workflow by using the new outer frame handle together with the new ly-developed one-hand grip controller.

  • Light operability due to all-free switches
  • Two tube support units can be mounted to the same ceiling.
  • Auto-tracking function

 radnext 7

SX-A300 tube support

Major components
X-ray tube support: SX-A300
Vertical Bucky stand: AS-MK1

Compact set

A combination with the simple floor-mounted rail tube support allows efficient imaging even in a small examination room.

  • Smooth operation and versatile fixing methods
  • Simple and quick fore/back move, right/left move and up/down move operations that can be made manually
  • Auto-tracking function

radnext 8

Floor-mounted rail type tube support FS-20A/B/C/D

Major components
X-ray tube support: FS-20A/20B/20C/20D
Vertical Bucky stand: AS-MK1

Universal set

A single unit can accommodate an upright position and recumbent position. The imaging table is so gentle to both patients and operators by suppressing the compressive feeling.

  • Easy positioning with an electromagnetic lock function
  • A compact imaging table which allows imaging in comfortable postures
  • The chest radiography is allowed with SID 2m.

 radnext 9

Universal Bucky stand YUB-1

Major components
Universal Bucky stand: YUB-1 (Variable SID optional)


Radnext80/50 with DXR-3000F

Radnext80 50 with DXR 3000F

Radnext80·Radnext50 with DXR-3000F