Digital R/F Table System

POPULUS Ti has inherited flexibility, mobility and functionality into the system. Although the size is reduced, the wide stroke mechanism of the imaging unit is still available.

The POPULUS series are also equipped with FAiCE-V, Hitachi’s original image processing technology.

populus 1

Feature Of POPULUS Ti

Mobility that suits various type of examinations

”POPULUS Ti”, a diagnostic radiography/fluoroscopy system, dedicated for over-tube type DR can accommodate various types of examinations such as upper/lower digestive tract examinations with its mobility that covers a wide range of examinations and excellent operability, and provides fluoroscopy and radiography images effective for diagnosis.

Image processing technology for accurate diagnosis

Equipped with a 1,000,000-pixel CCD camera, it provides fluoroscopy and radiography images with high-definition. Furthermore, it is equipped with various functions such as image processing technology to carry out corrections of images with the use of HITACHI’s advanced technology “FAiCE-V”.

Comfortable fully digitized environment

Let alone stress-free operation even with a large capacity of data, reliable image recording technology is incorporated as standard. With options available for multipurpose examinations, a network suitable for a specific environment can be constructed.