Sirius Starmsoble Tiara

“Sirius Starmobile tiara” is Hitachi's brand new digital mobile X-ray system with a compact body and Pantographic Arm, which were inherited from “Sirius series” developed by Hitachi

for more than a half century. Pantographic arm is a combination of a long arm and a slim support pillar, which allows you to position the x-ray tube anywhere with great ease. As for images, you can select from 3 sized of wireless FPDs. Images can be easily checked on site. 

siri 1

siri 2

New Hitachi's Digital Mobile X-ray.

~Feel our original Pantographic Arm and a compact body~


Wireless FPD

“Sirius Starmobile tiara” can perform imaging quickly in the various medical scenes such as emergency and infant imaging in addition to the hospital wards imaging by incorporating the wireless FPD. In addition, 3 types of wireless FPDs (*) are lined up from large to compact FOV allowing for imaging in the cases that fit the purpose.

siri 3

3 sizes of wireless Detectors *Optional

Large monitor and quick display

Images can be displayed on the large 15” screen monitor within 3 seconds. It can promptly accommodate emergency cases or additional imaging; therefore, work efficiency is improved.

siri 4
An example of the control screen               

Faster networking

Connection with the in-hospital network system can be selected from either the wired or wireless network. Moreover, with the RIS connection, patient information can be acquired online.

siri 5

Pantographic Arm

Pantographic arm is a combination of a long arm and a slim support pillar. This allows you to position the x-ray tube anywhere with great ease. With this, you can secure a sufficient focal height for Chest or during surgery while maintaining the balance.

siri 6
Pantographic arm

Smooth movement

Sirius Starmobile tiara is incorporated with Hitachi's original “mono-tank” type of High voltage generator. Additionally, its compact body secures a wide front view even for women. You can smoothly drive it in a narrow hallway or turn around on an elevator.