HS 2600

HS 2600 1


It blasts off the barrier of the class category of the ultrasound scanners.
Honda's new digital scanner HS-2600 has improved visualization power for examination by introduction of advanced technologies.
The ultrasound images have a rich shade of gray scale and the expression is vivid and clear. The excellent focusing power will not miss even the tiny construction of tissues.

H-res (Honda Resolution Technology)

The development of ultrasound technology over the years crystallized into the image enhancing technology ''H-res''. Optimum image can be achieve by adjusting the H-res parameter for each application and prove.

*Resolution visualizes delicate tissue structure in shallower region.

*Penetration visualizes good resolution in deeper organs. 

*Boundary visualizes bones for observation.

*Clarity reduces the noise in blood vessel. 

*Mild reduces the image enhancement effect.

*OFF has direct ultrasound image.

  Harmonic Imaging

  Harmonic imaging technology eliminates the side lobe artifact and bring the clear and identical image of organ with good contrast.


  Preset Function

  System setting can assigned to function keys up to ten setting and can be easily recalled.


   Image output signal is available in both PC format (SVGA) and TV format (NTSC/PAL)


   A large wheel makes the mobility very light. Handles are located at front side and back side, so it can be accessed in any scene.

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Data Storage

 USB memory usable

when a USB memory is inserted, records can be done directly into the USB memory. Moving images can also be stored to the USB memory in AVI format.


HS 2600

HS 2600