The ARIETTA 60 incorporates proven technologies and functions that cardiologists have come to expect from Hitachi Aloka Medical.

The advanced architecture of the ARIETTA 60 has been completely redesigned and its premium performance is created by the commitment to produce the highest quality "sound".


Symphonic TechnologyArietta60 1

Significant resources have been utilized to create high quality "sound" with clearly defined technologies combined to offer a diagnostic ultrasound system with unprecedented performance. Our efforts have been focused on the development of each and every component that plays a part in enhancing the image quality: including transducer materials, the front-end, the back-end, as well as the display monitor.

Arietta60 2 Arietta60 3



Advanced WorkflowArietta60 4

The ARIETTA 60 is designed based on ergonomics supporting a comfortable working environment in various examination scenarios.

A large handle on the back and wheels, which are 10% larger than conventional wheels, greatly reduce force for ease of mobility.

We have achieved a weight reduction of about 25 % as compared to our conventional models. The light and compact system with its large casters can be moved easily and safely with less stress.

The large palm rest at the center of the operation panel is designed to provide optimum wrist support to reduce stress of the operator.



Real-time Tissue Elastography�iRTE�j

The RTE visualizes stiffness of tissues in real time. It enables observation of relative strain in a ROI. Now clinical applications of RTE is spreading to the thyroid gland, the liver, urinary organs as well as the breast.

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Credible Functions

Our intraoperative micro-convex transducer is drawing attention in its high level scanning ability in superficial and deep areas of the liver. Various technologies including Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE) and contrast echo offer additional value for diagnosis.

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Prevention and diagnosis of early-stage atherosclerosis enabled by the vessel management system

Flow Mediated Dilatation: FMD
Evaluates vascular endothelial function. Occlude the upper arm for a few minutes, release, and FMD is evaluated from the vessel dilatation caused by the increase of blood flow volume. Changes in vessel diameter and velocity waveforms can be recorded for a long period of time.

Arietta60 9 Arietta60 10


Evaluation of arterial stiffness�ieTRACKING)
The tracking gate automatically follows the vessel wall movements, accurately measuring the changes in diameter, in real time. Stiffness Parameter s, which is one of the parameters that is automatically calculated, is one of the indexes to show vessel wall stiffness independent of blood pressure. 


Leading-edge Approach for Cardiovascular Examination

Dual Gate Doppler
Enables observation of Doppler waveforms at 2 points in the same heartbeat

Arietta60 11 Arietta60 12Dynamic Slow-motion Display

The real-time image and slow-motion image are displayed simultaneously. It is possible to observe objects moving fast, such as the fetal heart.

LV eFLOW is a non-invasive imaging feature that lets you see the endocardial border in the left ventricle with higher sensitivity and resolution than ever before.

2DTT Provides precise quantification of strain and strain rate to visualize, quantify and analyze regional and global myocardial mechanics using 2D speckle tracking.

Wave Intensity is a new hemodynamic index that provides information about the dynamic behavior of the heart and the vascular system and their interactions.

Hitachi Aloka’s cardiology systems provide:

  • Extraordinary high-resolution digital imaging with single crystal transducers
  • Speckle reduction and edge enhancement technologies providing clearly defined images
  • User defined and customizable study protocols guaranteeing exam consistency
  • Real-time Virtual Sonography blends and overlays CT/MR images with ultrasound images


Women's Healthcare

Credible Functions

We would like to propose functions that enable prenatal diagnosis including examination of the fetal heart function and morphological observation. Here is an examination that offers reassurance.

Arietta60 13 Arietta60 14

Dual Gate Doppler


Credible Functions

Now 3D imaging is an indispensable function in patient care.
The 3D/4D function of ARIETTA 60 can delineate the faces of fetuses more clearly, which is known to enhance fetal-maternal bonding.

Arietta60 15

 4D shading